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Boomerangs Throwing

Kevin Verbael

Please read our Boomerang Safety Instructions before you attempt to Throw or Catch a Boomerang.

Throwing a boomerang breaks down into five simple parts, the grip, the throw, the throwing angle, adjusting for wind, and the catch.

For more information on throwing boomerangs:

  • Adjusting your throw
  • Tuning your boomerang
  • Throwing paxolin rangs 
  • Throwing long distance


The Grip
The curved, or decorated side should always be held towards your body and the flat unpainted side should always be facing away from you. The easiest way to grip the boomerang is to make a closed fist and slide the boomerang between your thumb and first finger. Make sure to cock the boomerang back for maximum spin. The "elbow" of the boomerang can be facing either forward or backward as seen in the image to the left. Practice is the best way to find the grip perfect for you.

The Throw
Always throw your boomerang in the traditional over arm style (Some competition level boomerangs have specific throwing instructions - see Competition Boomerangs). Aim the boomerang at or just above the horizon prior to cocking back. Release the boomerang at the peak height of your throw. When thrown correctly, the boomerang will fly in a circle and reach the apex of its flight at the point furthest away from you. As the boomerang returns it will begin to slow down and hover towards the ground.

Launch Angle
The Boomerang should be nearly vertical when releasing. Increasing the tilt angle makes it fly higher and land further back. Holding the boomerang more vertically will make it fly lower to the ground and land more forward. NEVER hold the boomerang horizontally flat like a frisbee. This will cause the boomerang to fly in dangerous swooping and diving flights.
Adjusting for the Wind
Throw to the right of the wind at an angle between 45° and 90°. Left handed throwers should throw to the left of the wind between a 45° and 90° angle. Aiming at a 45° angle is usually a good rule of thumb, and will utilize the breeze in your favor to help bring the boomerang back. By standing in the same spot and aiming for an object in the distance, you can adjust the throw angle to the wind.

The Catch
Catch the boomerang using both of your hands in a clapping motion as shown in the diagram to the left. Only attempt to catch the boomerang while it is slowly hovering towards you and is below shoulder height. Aim for the center section of the boomerang as you catch it, and try to avoid the faster moving wing tips. NEVER try to catch a boomerang that is diving or moving fast.

Information in this section is courtesy of Spinback Boomerangs and Rangs Boomerangs

  • Steve Carr on

    OK. Bought the Blue Angel boomerang for my 10-yr-old daughter, and we tried it out today in minimal wind. Tried to follow the instructions on the card, gave it up after many attempts, and watched the video. This shows a RHander holding the right arm of the B, painted surface in: note that I’m looking at the leading edge of the airfoil, on both arms. If I extend my arm, the B points up; flexed wrist, the “V” points down behind my back, and when I release it (tomorrow) the leading (inner) edge of the left arm contact the airflow, such that it will spin counter-clockwise wrt the painted surface. On the Card, #1 shows a RHander holding the left arm (wrong). #4 shows a RHander holding right arm, releasing B as “V” points up (no wind-up, seems to be too late). #6 like #1 shows RHander holding left arm, “V” behind back points up, release as “V” points forward. I concede that, as long as the painted side is in, the B rotates counter-clockwise, no matter which arm is held, but if you grip the left (wrong) arm, the leading edge on the right arm contacts the airflow first. That is, ##1 & 6 show the wrong grip, and #4 shows the wrong release. Please check me: I would be happy to be corrected. (BTW: “Australia” read properly on the son’s shirt, so the video isn’t reversed, and it makes no difference that the Aussies are standing upside down. CCW is stil CCW).

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great boomerang

A really cool boomerang. I'm a total beginner and was able to get it to return to me and catch it without taking more than a couple steps within 30 minutes of throwing it for the first time.

True Blue Angel Boomerang - Real, Hand Crafted Australian Boomerangs.

Glow in the dark bumblebee

Works great. Can be difficult to see at night at times. Lots of fun

would not return

Could not get it to return. It was for my daughter and was a first boomerang for both of us, so it could be user error, but I have not been able to get it to return.

Darth Bidestrous Boomerang RH


Not great quality. I purchased 2 boomerangs and they were completely different tolerances. Definitely not worth the price. Looks cool though, so theres that.

Big Man Boomerang
Ralph Gallagher
Works great!

I've only been throwing boomerangs for 3 months and have used 4 different models including the Big Man which so far is my favorite. I often throw in the middle of a football field which makes it easy to judge distance and the astroturf is easy on the rangs. It often goes out 40 to 45 yards before returning with the right amount of wind. Still unable to get it to come all the way back with no wind but being a newbie, haven't figured the technique yet. Last week the wind cought it and it slammed in to the aluminum bleachers 70+ yards away with a loud "ping!" I was worried I may have broken it but upon retrieval it only had a tiny ding less than a centimeter long which hasn't affected it's performance. It helps to tune the tip of the leading wing up in no or light wind conditions.
Thinking of ordering a lefty to save my right arm as I'm already addicted to the sport!


Great gift. Looked really authentic aboriginal. Hope my grandson will persevere. Takes a little time to learn. Might order one for myself!

Beautiful boomerang!

Bought this for my son's 9th birthday and he absolutely loved it! It's the perfect size/weight for him and has great control. Very easy to use and the the craftsmanship is superb. Thank you!

Great boomerang

I love my “real” boomerang. It flies way better than the plastic boomerangs I’ve previously used.