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Seagull Boomerang Left Handed ( LH )

$26.95 USD

Of all our hobby boomerangs, the Seagull is one of our favorites. It has a clean, aesthetic paintjob. Hand crafted in the USA from airplane grade, 5 mil plywood, imported from Finland. This is a cool rang! It also has a very consistent return with enough distance to make it a great hobby throwing rang. 40 yard flight. Easy to catch. Check out the video!



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Customer Reviews

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It was fun but I

It was fun but I lost it.

Clean look and Crisp Flight.

Brockville Boomerang Club here in Ontario Canada. This boomerang looks as good in flight as in your hand. Very clean lines. Pretty straight forward flight and a nice easy landing. We love it !

If it ain’t returning, it’s you, not the rang.

I’ve owned a few rangs and this is one of my favorites because of its simplicity. Extremely easy to throw and very consistent once you get it down. Just like any normal hobby rang, please give yourself enough room when throwing to where it won’t get lost in the tree. And please, don’t throw it sidearm are it will get lost or broken.

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Easily in my top 3 boomerangs!

For various reasons, I've purchased this particular boomerang multiple times (broken, lost, etc.). And every time, I have done it with super conviction that it is a worthwhile purchase. Pound for pound and $ for $, this is one of the most amazing booms I own - and it never ceases to thrill! Does equally well in no, low and high (within reason) wind situations. For really long trajectories, requires a fairly strong throw and it will reward you in return! :-)

A 'Must Have' for any serious ranger!

Dope ‘rang.

Lost my first one just as I was getting the hang of the toss. Urban throwing life is tough due to space constraints but I make it happen. Cheers!

Top gun rangs

Every boomerang i get from you is top notch quality and truly helps sharpen my skills!👍

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