How to Pick out a Kid's Boomerang

If you're choosing a boomerang for a young one, read below for some tips or check out our video!

  • Young children from 5-10 often do not have enough arm strength to be able to properly throw a boomerang and we recommend foam or rounded corner plastic boomerangs for kids of that age for additional safety.
  • Older kids ages 11-15 can throw heavier plastic boomerangs and light wooden ones. Since these fly further than the foam ones, you'll want to make sure to take them to a park or field to practice throwing.
  • In general, the more wings a boomerang has (3 or 4 wings is common), the shorter the radius of the flight, but also the more likely it will come back to you.
  • Every purchase comes with our training booklet, but a small child still will need some guidance to get a boomerang to work safely. As boomerangs make a big flight, adult supervision is needed, especially if there are multiple children present.