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Kilimanjaro Boomerang
Christopher Sheller (Lompoc, US)

I like a far throwing rang, and this delivers. Can be a little fickle in the wind but can be tuned pretty well. I like a more circular flight, but this can also be adjusted with tuning and layover, but it isn't a rang you're going to catch every time, but that's ok with me. I bought it for exercise because I am either sitting behind the computer monitor doing takeoffs or sitting behind the wheel going to do takeoffs, so a little walking to pick it up 5 or 6 times outta 10 ain't a bad thing. I'm not a pro or even approach that level, but 50percent catch rate for me is fine. I'd like to find one that goes even further than the50 to 60 yards I can get outta this, but I do like the Kilimanjaro quite well. Had the lazy hook before and LOVED it. Lighter and faster and a tad more consistent in catching. Easier to throw for long periods. Will be getting another lazy hook for sure. All in all, this is a good rang for strong arms and I got that. Just saying. BUY IT DAMMIT!

Quick service - Great Boomerang

Throws great right from the box. Looking forward to calmer weather this spring for more throwing.

Gorny kids triblade.

Great, accurate! Jp.

Spin Racer Glow in the Dark Boomerang
Matthew Wilkes (Fort Valley, US)
Poor customer service

This is not glow in the dark! I have emailed and messaged on Shopify with no response…

Womba Boomerang RH
jp (Arctic, US)

Great performer,easy catch, gental on hands!

Seagull Boomerang
joel cerrud (Panama City, PA)
Incredible boomerang

It took me about two hours to catch it correctly. I'm still learning, but it's important to have a lot of clearance, this boomerang can actually fly much further than you could think.
It's very windy here this season, so I have to adjust the angle of inclination, but it will surely be much more fun to use when the wind here goes away. I would recommend it for adults as I found that you need to throw it with a little more force to get it to come back to where you are. It feels durable (I use it in a grassy area)

Accurate! Great for showing how to throw! The

Batarang Red Boomerang
Matt stannard (Los Angeles, US)

I still haven't received them, its been 15 days
No sign of it anywhere.

Glacier Wooden Boomerang
Lenora Puckett (Indianapolis, US)
Xmas gift

I am 9 and enjoy learning to throw the boomerang.

They look awesome

So my oldest boy an his fiance are getting them for Christmas will let you know after that.

TriMagic Boomerang RH
Corey Suesakul
I’m new

Hello, I don’t know much about boomerangs, in fact this is the first time I’ve ever thrown a boomerang ever in my life! I will say these are awesome! I’m still learning, but as a newbie I like them :)

Awesome boomerang

Spin Racer Red Boomerang
Good for learning basics of boomerang flight

With a flight path that fits in a softball diamond, the spin racer is a low risk way to start out. As with other sport models, this one is sensitive to layout, keep it close to vertical at launch. Combined with its limited range, it provides rapid feedback and a faster learning curve. Tough and light, this model can handle the inevitable hard landings early on.

Lefty Boomerangs - Carbon Fibre Version
robert westfall (Phoenix, US)

I’m still trying to get control , it’s very windy in phoenix but I’m still trying to succeed. I like the 4 armed bumble the best . I see why you got the world champs for your video . It’s not easy but I’m practicing bib



Big Man Boomerang
Ricky d Peters (Los Angeles, US)
Best boomerang I own

This boomerang has an crazy flight path. It takes a little practice but you can get it to fly 50 yards out while hovering 20 feet of the ground in a perfect circle. Worth every penny.

Hornet Boomerang RH
Doug Wolfe (Des Moines, US)
Not worthy of the name, Colorado boomerang

I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback. I received the boomerang and tried to fly it. I have 20 years of experience flying boomerangs and despite this I could not get the boomerang to return. It was warped in a way that I could not straighten. I tried to contact Colorado boomerangs through their website and I receive no response. I have a number of Colorado boomerangs. The Everest, the Kilimanjaro, and even the UniKey are great boomerangs. This one is not sadly. It was a waste of my money. And worse the company did not respond to try to help me correct the situation.

Indoor Firefly Boomerangs - Blue or Red
James Mastin (Clackamas, US)
I love boomerangs

Returned to me easily, if you don’t like stuff that comes back it’s not for you.

Night Blazer Boomerang RH
Matthew Buckreis (Tonawanda, US)
Not a Colorado boomerang

I was under the impression that the boomerang I bough was a Colorado brand boomerang. Although the advertising made it look like I was buying a Colorado boomerang, it was in fact a Rang boomerang from an Australia! It’s a night time one and I haven’t thrown it yet.

Rain Forest Boomerang - Right Handed Only

Traditional Kids Boomerang RH
Mohit Garg (Exton, US)
Waste of money

The boomerang is so light that is flips in slight breeze. Doesn't return.

Come right back perfect

Delicate Arch Special Edition Boomerang

We absolutely love this boomerang! Now we see why it’s the big daddy.