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Hornet Boomerang RH
Doug Wolfe (Des Moines, US)
Not worthy of the name, Colorado boomerang

I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback. I received the boomerang and tried to fly it. I have 20 years of experience flying boomerangs and despite this I could not get the boomerang to return. It was warped in a way that I could not straighten. I tried to contact Colorado boomerangs through their website and I receive no response. I have a number of Colorado boomerangs. The Everest, the Kilimanjaro, and even the UniKey are great boomerangs. This one is not sadly. It was a waste of my money. And worse the company did not respond to try to help me correct the situation.

The Hornet is a molded plastic boomerang for kids. It is maybe $15. My own kids loved it when they were 10. It is not a hand crafted wooden boomerang from wood we import from Finland. It is molded in Australia by one of the great boomerang crafters of all time, Roger Perry, who has been Australian national champion 7-8 times. As a molded boomerang, it is almost impossible to somehow warp it in the manufacturing process. Every one of them is pretty much the same as the one before it, as in the ones 10,000 times before it. Any warp that could have happened might have happened from a severe collision with the ground or somehow in shipment but we ship them with stiff supports to minimize such things. We are sorry that you are unhappy with your purchase. We are closed until each afternoon now but I will attempt to process a return for you when we get in the office.

Indoor Firefly Boomerangs - Blue or Red
James Mastin (Clackamas, US)
I love boomerangs

Returned to me easily, if you don’t like stuff that comes back it’s not for you.

Night Blazer Boomerang RH
Matthew Buckreis (Tonawanda, US)
Not a Colorado boomerang

I was under the impression that the boomerang I bough was a Colorado brand boomerang. Although the advertising made it look like I was buying a Colorado boomerang, it was in fact a Rang boomerang from an Australia! It’s a night time one and I haven’t thrown it yet.

Rain Forest Boomerang - Right Handed Only

Traditional Kids Boomerang RH
Mohit Garg (Exton, US)
Waste of money

The boomerang is so light that is flips in slight breeze. Doesn't return.

Come right back perfect

Delicate Arch Special Edition Boomerang

We absolutely love this boomerang! Now we see why it’s the big daddy.

TriBlader Boomerang
Andrew Afful (Germantown, US)

Decent boomerang. Flies pretty well

Hot little boomerang

The 3 lobe Red Bolt is my go to for outdoor fun. I have both left and right hand models. I named (R). lightning & (L) thunderbolt. I have the best place in the world to throw. 3 miles of white sand beach on the gulf coast. The sea breeze can be tricky when it gets over 5mph but when the breeze if just right I can tune in throws that travel a good 150+ feet out and back with a good strong throw. Always wear safety glasses. If you want to make single hand catches be active like you are going after a baseball, it will reduce finger and hand cuts which will happen on occasion. Lightly sand edges of new boomerang help reduce cuts too. Remember, it's fun like a toy, but it can come back at you fast so be ready catch or get out of it's way! Have Fun!

Kilimanjaro Boomerang
Jahan Javaheri (Richmond, GB)

one of the best boomers I have ever thrown, it has a beautiful flight and always comes back if thrown properly love it......

Glacier Wooden Boomerang
Deborah Borowsky (O'Fallon, US)
First wooden boomerang

My 2 grandkids & I took it out last week to a park & was not successful having the boomerang return to us. It has a nice smooth feel, but we couldn’t get the hang of throwing it the right way. The video makes it look so easy, but it was too difficult for us. I guess we have to keep practicing. My hand is still sore though after a week. Oh & there really wasn’t any type of wind to contend with.

Glacier Wooden Boomerang
Michelle D (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Boomerang awesome - Thrower - needs work;)

The title says it. The Boomerang is well made, beautiful and flies nicely. We need to work on our technique - so there is a lot of fun in our future!
I recommend this item and this company.

Sky High MTA Boomerang
victor (Frankfort, US)
Work of art

This boomerang is a work of art.

Bumblebee Boomerang - Yellow
Van Sims (Tuscaloosa, US)
Great starter boomerang!

I purchased this boomerang as a gift for my nephew. He had a blast learning to throw it. Shipping was quick and the packaging was well done as to insure the boomerang was not bent during shipping. I will be back to Colorado Boomerangs in the future!

Don’t come back correct

Awesome design and material!

I had a boomerang a few years back and lost it on a roof, but my desire to get another never died. This is definitely a good place to get authentic boomerangs of all styles and this one in particular is light and strong. Definitely worth it

Thanks Jeremiah! We appreciate you taking the time to let us know!

Fun Short Range Boomerang

Fun Short Range Boomerang when your in a tight space and want to throw. May need a little tuning. Another great boomerang from the guys in Brazil.

Big Man Boomerang
Jake Dappen (Laguna Niguel, US)
The best

They are the best thank you so much was super fast and easy

4 Wing Boomerangs
Roberto (Colorado Springs, US)
great indoor flyer...

A great for indoor fast catch in a moderate room or gymnasium; a circular level flight.

Room A Rang Boomerang
clark, michael (Tuscaloosa, US)
Fun toy

I enjoy sitting on my couch and throwing this. It doesn't go too far, and lands on my lap

Rain Forest Boomerang - Right Handed Only
James Perkins (Arctic, US)

Nice, short range and accurate!

Bumblebee Boomerang - Yellow
John Grzywinski (Bristol, US)
My Bees

As a bee keeper (small bees) it is only fitting that I have a bee boomerang (large bee).

Snoop Boomerangs
James Perkins (Cranston, US)
Patience tuning

Hello: this boomerang seems to favor anheadral tuning. Very satisfied with it’s flight! Thank You!

The boomerang was smaller than expected and broke within a week of receiving it. It was not worth the price paid.

Red Bolt Boomerang - Fast Catch with Attitude!
Andrew Dahl-Bredine (Silver City, US)
Great beginner boomerang

Nice looking boomerang, and after 15 minutes or so, my nine-year-old son can catch it fairly often. Lots of fun!