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Glow in the Dark "Lefty" Boomerangs


Glow in the Dark "Lefty" Boomerangs


Special Glow in the Dark boomerangs for Left Handed throwers! The Glow Lefty is molded plastic with consistent for kids above 10 and adult throwers like it a lot also. Put it under your car headlights for 30 seconds and you can throw it at night! New art design a Ying Yang Taoist would love! 30 yard flight with a nice hover.

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It glows well!

This was bought as a gift for a left handed friend. It glows well, but it needed slight tweaking to get a great flight. Nothing major, and the instructions on how to do it are included. It flies well with little to no wind. IMO its maybe not the best first boomerang, but a good one to have in your collection.

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Exceeds Expectations

I was impressed with the Seagull boomerang. Smooth controlled flight. Never seen or used a boomerang that was SO easy to use. I hate to tip everyone off because I want more for my family. It is a well made quality product exceeded only by Colorado Boomerang Customer Service.


Just need a bigger open space

Great Purchase

My son absolutely loves his new Red Bolt Boomerang.

Big bomber boom with a learning curve

First day throwing the Kilimanjaro was initially frustrating, as I repeatedly dumped it into the ground. But after some trial & error; adjusting release angle (with extra layover of 30-45+ degrees), it flies far out (without wind) – almost straight out, while climbing, then returns on a narrow U-shaped path, which was unexpectedly cool! Eventually got a catch. In windy conditions, flight path differed (more elliptical), but getting a catchable return was rare, as it'd sail past me. With more practice, this 'K-boom' will be amazing. For now, a half-star deduction for the rough paint finish and learning curve (at least for me) – 4.5 stars. If you have a strong arm, good technique, and like challenging, long-distance flights, get this boom!

Sweet Aussie RP design & flight

The Lazy Hook is a sweet-looking Roger Perry design, with a snazzy paint job and glossy finish. It's mid-sized, thick in the middle, with a tapered trailing arm, and a weighted leading arm. I found it flies higher than the description, but that's probably from some wonky throwing. However, it returns well, even without a strong throw. I recommend it for recreational or serious throwers!

Bend the tips down minutely for a lower throw. Bend the tips up slightly if you want a higher throw.