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Expert Boomerangs

The sport of boomerangs has many expert boomerang products. From boomerangs designed for Maximum Time Aloft ( MTA ), we have some boomerangs which can stay in the air for a minute or more ( the world record is over 14 minutes! ). There are Long Distance Boomerangs with the maximum distance record for a returning boomerang being 238 meters. Imagine throwing a boomerang the lengths of over 2 football fields and watching it return! Other competition boomerangs are Accuracy Boomerangs, Aussie Round Boomerangs, Trick Catch Boomerangs and Fast Catch Boomerangs!

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797 reviews
great gift

I have not seen it....had it sent to my grandson as a birthday gift, he really loves it.

Archive boomerang

My 6 year old son has a blast throwing this boomerang. Works great I would recommend.

Exceeds Expectations

I was impressed with the Seagull boomerang. Smooth controlled flight. Never seen or used a boomerang that was SO easy to use. I hate to tip everyone off because I want more for my family. It is a well made quality product exceeded only by Colorado Boomerang Customer Service.


Just need a bigger open space

Great Purchase

My son absolutely loves his new Red Bolt Boomerang.