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Delicate Arch Boomerang LH

$34.95 USD

The Delicate Arch Boomerang has a 50 yard elliptical flight path, often low to the ground. Give it a little layover with a throwing angle about 30-40 degrees to the right of the wind and watch it hack it's way through the wind for the next 10-15 seconds before returning. 2 weights, one in each tip, gives the boomerang an extra 2 yards flight radius. This is the rang which "hooked" may of us on the sport!


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Customer Reviews

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A boomerang that impressed me.

Among my collection, this is my first time getting a boomerang intended for a larger and longer flight. I have access to a massive field, so I decided to get this one.

You'll throw this boomerang and watch it go far, then farther, then farther, yet somehow, this boomerang has no problem maintaining the energy to complete the trip back. I was sending this boomerang incredibly far, and sometimes it would still overshoot me a bit on the return.

If you have a large enough field, this is an incredible boomerang that will definitely impress spectators and remind you how cool and magical boomerangs are.

As for myself, I'm gonna look at the other lefty big booms, as I'm hooked now. Special edition, maybe?

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Zebra Carbon Fiber Boomerang RH

Easy to catch!

Easy to throw, easy to learn, & easy to CATCH! I catch this boomerang MORE than any of our other boomerang. I would even recommend it for beginners.

BirdRang Boomerang RH

Not pleased with the product. I wish to return the product for refund. Please advise how that might be accomplished. Thank you.

BirdRang Boomerang RH
Brockville Boomerang Club
Great starter boomerang.

We really like this starter boomerang. It's sturdier than you might think and easily tunable for a high or low flight. We think this will be a big hit on our prize table come tournament time.