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Kid Whizza Boomerang LH

$19.95 USD

The "Kid Whizza" boomerang is for Kids! Small enough and light enough for arms as young as 8 years old and really accurate ...easy to catch as it is a small boomerang. Please note that if your child has not played baseball yet his or her arm may still not be strong enough for this rang still but most athletic 8 year olds should be able to get a good return from this boomerang if they can throw it overhand with lots of spin! Spin is king! 


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Zebra Carbon Fiber Boomerang RH

Easy to catch!

Easy to throw, easy to learn, & easy to CATCH! I catch this boomerang MORE than any of our other boomerang. I would even recommend it for beginners.

BirdRang Boomerang RH

Not pleased with the product. I wish to return the product for refund. Please advise how that might be accomplished. Thank you.

BirdRang Boomerang RH
Brockville Boomerang Club
Great starter boomerang.

We really like this starter boomerang. It's sturdier than you might think and easily tunable for a high or low flight. We think this will be a big hit on our prize table come tournament time.