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Surfarang Boomerang RH

$29.95 USD

The Surfarang is constructed of high grade marine ply and features a colorful hand painted Fluro design. The Surfarang is a sports boomerang which is ideal for a wide open beach and lots of wind. Designed and hand crafted by one of the great boomerang designers of our time, Roger Perry. Allow for at least a 40 yard throw.


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Surfarang - meets the needs on a windy day!

Where I live we can have winds that last for days that are outside the normal recommended speeds for boomerang enjoyment. The Surfarang is handling these winds like a champ and lets me continue to have fun! If you've ever thrown a 2-arm boomerang and caught it or can get it to come back relatively close to you and you have winds up to 15mph, this is an ideal model.

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Big Man Boomerang RH
Richard Lott
Awesome Boomerang!

This boomerang has a wide turn which I like. Looks of air time. You have to tune, but once it's tuned, enjoy!!

Solid boom

Solid boom a little on the thick/heavier side but fun to throw. My boom actually snapped in half the second day on a chain link fence post.

a boomerang for children

This is a great boomerang for my eleven year old son to throw because it will return to approximately where he is standing, which he couldn't manage with the other boomerang I bought. At the same time it's made of foam and doesn't feel like it's going to remain in good shape for very long. We've just started using it and it already has creases and appears to be losing its optimal shape, but it is surprisingly easy for a child to get it to return.

Love it!!!

I can't wait to learn how to 'rang'!, with my new boomerang! It's beauty is awesome! Thanks again for a great product!!! What a great hobby!!👍🤘👍🤘👍

Blade Runner Boomerang RH
Brockville Boomerang Club

Gave this boomerang a few quick throws as it's going on a prize table. It flies beautifully. An easy 30 yards in medium wind for us. A young thrower will be very lucky to get this one.