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Wind Seeker Trick Catch Boomerang LH - boomerangs-com


Wind Seeker Trick Catch Boomerang LH

$29.95 USD

The Wind Seeker is a 3.2mm Phenolic fibre Trick Catch boomerang. This boomerang is not recommended for beginners and is much better suited for advanced competition boomerang throwers. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A RETURNING BOOMERANG. Colors and patterns may vary.

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Customer Reviews

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Great boomerang

This is a beautiful boomerang. My son and I each have one. (Left and right) It's powerful and soars very very high. It's return is quite gentle though. We want the better part of a soccer field for this one.

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Surprised there are no other reviews...this boomerang is amazing. Consistent circular flight, easy to throw, nice hover for the catch.

Awesome boomerang

Got my first one of these about 20 years ago. Got back into it, and it’s still my favorite. Consistent flight, does well with or without wind.

Great flight, easy catch

Nice looking boomerang, a bit on the heavier side but flies surprisingly well. Spins slowly on the return, making it easy to catch even one-handed.

Fun boomerang

This boomerang is pretty unique and challenging. It’s heavy, and it flies FAR. Goes out straight, curves and climbs before coming back. Seems to need a strong throw and some wind to make it back, has a nice soft hover for the catch. Make sure you have plenty of space

Sex is awesome and all,but...

I recently got this boomerang and also the bumblebee and while the bumblebee is a bit more predictable, I like the bit of a challenge this one brings. I like how with no wind, you can pretty much throw it like you were aiming for a car's door at 60 feet, completely vertical as if there was any kind of wind, and it manages to lift off beautifully to come right back to you. It is a lot of fun for sure. I always bring it to work and since the parking lot is big enough, I can play with it and break a pretty good sweat with it before it's time to get started. Unfortunately, I had to give it only 5 stars, since we're not allowed to rate it any higher, so...