Boomerang Flight Dynamics - More Data!

Boomerang aerodynamics are based upon incredibly complicated math as outlined by Dr. John Vassberg's excellent tutorial at the University of Michigan. As one of Boeing's top aerodynamicists, Dr. Vassberg details the physics of boomerangs at a level beyond anything else we have seen. Dr. Vassberg holds over a dozen Patents related to aerodynamic technologies, and has authored over 100 publications. 

Dr. Vassberg used two of our boomerangs in his study, our Eric Darnell Trifly and a hand crafted Rangemaster by Roger Perry. He has no association with and Colorado Boomerangs but his lecture is available on youtube at the link below. We hope you enjoy it!


Want something a little more easily digested? Here is a good overview of boomerang physics in this video by Eric Darnell and Newton's Apple. You are well on your way to winning any science project competition with some of these ideas!