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Kangaroo Pelican Boomerangs - Beautiful Art Boomerang!

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The decorated Kangaroo Pelican boomerang has some of the most innovative boomerang artwork on the planet. And it is from a classic Australian boomerang design by Roger Perry, a former Australian team captain and boomerang champion. This is a soft toss boomerang for light to medium winds. Go BIG with an authentic Australian boomerang!

Customer Reviews

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Kathy (Honolulu, US)

I thought I was ordering something close to being authentic. It was intended as a gift. This product is really cheap. Had to look someplace else.

Chris Bahara (Newport, US)
They look awesome

So my oldest boy an his fiance are getting them for Christmas will let you know after that.

Benjamin Mena (Tampa, US)

Great boomerang, classic look, works like I dreamed it would . Perfect workmanship. May start exploring the other models now!

Rod Cantu (Riverside, US)
Great boomerang

I love my “real” boomerang. It flies way better than the plastic boomerangs I’ve previously used.

Jan Westhoff (Bellingham, US)
great gift

I have not seen it....had it sent to my grandson as a birthday gift, he really loves it.

Yuriy I.
Great fun!

Firstly, read the directions and follow the videos they make so much sense. First throw and toss was loads of fun. When you see it on video it looks like magic but following the techniques you really can get it to return on occasion and overall the flight path is just bonkers. Only other piece of advice I'd give is make sure you do it on soft grass. The stick hit some hard dirt a few times and the wood got chipped on both ends really quick. Didn't seem to affect flight, but just understand this is a softer wood and needs soft landing spots.

Pierpaolo P.
best boomerang in my collection

This is so far the best boomerang I had. It has a good weight and size; I love the decorations and it flies beautifully. It is fairly easy to control for me (I am not a pro) where there is no wind but but it does well also with mild wind.

Jason A.
Bought two one got lost

Bought two one got lost and broke other lost practice ing
At work on days off

Andy S.
First ever Boomerang

And it is so much fun. Big open field and practice away. Love it and this boomerang is perfect. Flys like a dream.


This Boomerang is awesome! It can with stand high winds and it comes back to me. I will be making more purchases in the not too far future! Now to test this baby in the Arizona Desert! :smile::desert: