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Black Mamba Boomerang RH

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The Black Mamba Boomerang is a classic V-Omega. A low cost boomerang for ages teen to adult. You would probably need to be at least 90 lbs to throw this boomerang effectively. Age: 8+. Right Handed Only.

Customer Reviews

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Joe G (Wichita, US)
Watch out for the white snow

My grandsons' found that a black mamba can still be lost under white snow.

It should still be there when the snow melts!

Gerald Galinus
Black Mamba

Love it!

Jaime S.

My son loved his new boomerang!

Pamela B.
Great for the price

Beautiful boomerang got it for my kid. He has a trouble throwing it but I can get it to come back close enough to catch and I'm a beginner too. Just don't try to throw it to hard and I found it needs to be thrown more to the right of the wind than the manual suggests. 90 degrees to the wind seems to get it a lot closer than 45 degrees. For $12 I don't have any complaints. Should be put in the description that it is plastic I was expecting wood but since it is for my kid it's probably better that it is plastic.