Boomerang Games

in Jun 6, 2015

Competition Events:

Trick Catch

Throwing and catching a series of "trick" catches such as "left hand by itself", "right hand by itself", "tunnel catch" (between the legs), "eagle catch" (one hand swooping down like an eagle), "behind the back" and "foot catch". The one with the most catches wins! The below images provided courtesy of LMIFox!


Right Handed Boomerang CatchLeft Handed Boomerang CatchEagle Boomerang Catch ( Overhand Boomerang Catch )2 Handed Under the Leg Boomerang Catch
One Handed Behind the Back Boomerang Catch2 Handed Behind the Back Boomerang CatchTunnel Boomerang CatchOne Handed Under the Leg Boomerang CatchBoomerang Kick CatchCatch the Boomerang with 2 Feet Catch

Trick Catch Doubling

Throwing two boomerangs. Use one boomerang with a longer flight and longer hover, and one with a shorter flight and shorter hover. Hold both boomerangs in one hand and throw…yes, both at the same time. Combine trick catches in each combination throw ( for example a tunnel catch and a right hand only catch ). The one with the most catches wins!


The boomerang is thrown from the bull’s-eye and allowed to land untouched. Points are awarded for accuracy to the bull’s-eye. Ten points inside the bull’s-eye, 9 points if it is on the line and accordingly on down to 1 point if it lands on the 10 meter line. Five throws… add up the points. This is a great beginner boomerang game!

Records: World 50 USA 49

Fast Catch

One boomerang. Fastest to complete 5 throws and 5 catches wins.

Records: World 14.07 seconds USA 14.60 seconds


Two boomerangs. You must keep one boomerang in the air at all times. Throw and catch till one person wins!

Aussie Round

Many people consider this to be the quintessential boomerang event. Thrown from the bull’s-eye, points are awarded for flight distance, accuracy of the return, and catching the boomerang. Five throws are made by each competitor. Maximum possible points with five catches, five throws over 50 meters, and five catches in the bull’seye is 100. Four points for each catch. Six points for 50+ meters. Ten points for accuracy. Distance points are only earned if accuracy and/or catching points are earned.

Record: World 95 USA 95

Fast Catch Enduance

How many Fast Catch throws you can pack into 5 minutes… For real Boomerang athletes! Imagine 76 boomerang throws and catches within 5 minutes!

Records: World 76 USA 76

Consecutive Catch

Just like it sounds. Go for some trick catches … don’t drop!!


Just like pig or horse from basketball. Each thrower has to duplicate the previous catch (unless it’s a drop). Miss a catch, get a letter…GLORP and you’re gone!! Last one throwing wins. This is tons of fun with an indoor boomerang like a Funfly or Firefly!