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Red Bolt Boomerang - Fast Catch with Attitude!

Chose Right or Left Handed! Right Handed
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Red Bolt Boomerangs are extremely easy to see in the air and when you are catching fast catch that's kind of important! We love the smooth flight and how it looks in the air. The Red Bolt have a special undercut which pushes the boomerang around in a tight circle. We love the way it slices through the air with minimal wind resistance. The tips are granulated for a more tactile finger hold. This is an energetic, fun boomerang to throw. Very precise for someone who wants an easy returning, fast catch boomerang they won't have to chase around a lot. 

See our Sun Shifter boomerang video which is the same boomerang with different art: 

Customer Reviews

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Jacob Rader (Arvada, US)


Steven Upton
Hot little boomerang

The 3 lobe Red Bolt is my go to for outdoor fun. I have both left and right hand models. I named (R). lightning & (L) thunderbolt. I have the best place in the world to throw. 3 miles of white sand beach on the gulf coast. The sea breeze can be tricky when it gets over 5mph but when the breeze if just right I can tune in throws that travel a good 150+ feet out and back with a good strong throw. Always wear safety glasses. If you want to make single hand catches be active like you are going after a baseball, it will reduce finger and hand cuts which will happen on occasion. Lightly sand edges of new boomerang help reduce cuts too. Remember, it's fun like a toy, but it can come back at you fast so be ready catch or get out of it's way! Have Fun!

Andrew Dahl-Bredine (Silver City, US)
Great beginner boomerang

Nice looking boomerang, and after 15 minutes or so, my nine-year-old son can catch it fairly often. Lots of fun!

Melody Singlar
Kids Boomerang

Order a Boomerang for my grandson, got 2 in. When I called they said, “our mistake”, just keep the extra. I donated the extra one for Christmas. Great experience. Great service!!!!

Liv Sunde (Mobile, US)
Works Great !

It came back, worked great at first try for 8 year old grandson. Read directions and saw video first.

Schroeder Henrietta (Mebane, US)

Grandson loves it

Jim (Denmark, US)
great boomerang

A really cool boomerang. I'm a total beginner and was able to get it to return to me and catch it without taking more than a couple steps within 30 minutes of throwing it for the first time.

Dan O (Ilion, US)

Awesome piece. This is my 2nd purchase of this item; the first one was the R-handed version, and this new one works just as well as the other... If you're wondering which one to buy, this one is a good bet

Armando Pacheco (Sacramento, US)
Great Purchase

My son absolutely loves his new Red Bolt Boomerang.

Phillip P.
Very great recreational diversion!!!

Very great recreational diversion!!!