Corporate Boomerang Gifts and Special Easter & Wedding Boomerangs

If you would like information regarding our options for corporate gifts or custom made large quantity orders please call us at (760) 295-6456 between 1PM and 5PM Pacific time (Mon-Fri) or write an email We have high volume production systems and stock some undecorated boomerangs for fast response. We have high volume art systems as well for fast logo imprinting in house and even all new boomerang designs just for your organization. Thank you for your interest!

Many people want a boomerang for a gift to bring back a former lover or for use as groomsman gifts at weddings, or a special wedding gift to commemorate their special day. Churches sometimes buy boomerangs to give away as Easter boomerang gifts to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus. We can create and deliver special boomerang requests as per your requirements. 




Alaska Corporate Aspen BoomerangAMD Yanaki BoomerangBlack corporate glacier boomerangBoomerang Corp Glacier BoomerangClark & Nessen Glacier BoomerangLost Miner Ranch BoomerangMagma Aspen BoomerangMeadows Yanaki BoomerangCorporate Triblader BoomerangROI Glacier BoomerangStandard & Poors Yanaki BoomerangHealth & Fitness Aspen Boomerang