Care and Repair of Boomerangs

Treat your boomerangs with great care. Large grassy fields are the best place to throw. When you're not using your boomerangs keep them in a carry case or hang them up. Never lay anything on top of them, or leave them in direct sunlight.

Repair Tips

To repair nicks or dings, use either plastic wood or cyanacrylate (found at hobby shops). When using CA, try mixing in a little baking soda for a filler. This mixture will be extremely hard and durable. Try a test before using this on your 'rang.

If your boomerang breaks, use 5 minute epoxy or CA to put it back together. Remember to make sure the boomerang is flat when you glue it. Be sure to recheck for flatness after glueing. See Warp Check section.

Don't be afraid to refinish your favorite boomerang. Do be careful not to put too much additional weight on your boomerang (paint weight). Too much Weight and the boomerang will not fly properly. If you come up with a cool looking paint scheme let us know. We are always looking for cool new looks!!

Use good judgement, do not jeopardize yourself or anyone else while throwing. You, the thrower, are responsible for your conduct and its ramifications. Have a blast, but be careful, especially when others are nearby. And remember, always wear eye protection.