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Tech Boomerangs Glow in the Dark RH - boomerangs-com


Tech Boomerangs Glow in the Dark RH

$19.95 USD

Tech Boomerangs Glow in the Dark are the same as the below Merlin video only made from Glow in the Dark material. They have a 35 yard flight path and are Right Handed only.


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Customer Reviews

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Chris Marker
Son's nickname is Boomerang boy by friends

Purchased for my son because he showed interest. I grew up playing with all shapes and sizes of boomerangs from all over the world. Straight out of the package I could get it to come around within 15 ft. A few more throws later I could catch it after coming around. My son after a day or 2 could get it close, with in a few feet.

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Brockville Boomerang Club

Gave this boomerang a few quick throws as it's going on a prize table. It flies beautifully. An easy 30 yards in medium wind for us. A young thrower will be very lucky to get this one.

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Robert Kurtzweil
Gona play with the tuning

Boomerang came with little or no dehederal.No worries I'll just tune it up.The elbow is cut a little goofy .One side is wider....I'll make it work.😁

Nice steady flight

Verry cool boomerang.Super easy to catch..😁

This is a fun boomerang!

The Red one is a good flyer!I could throw this one all day and it's easy to catch.

Great boomerang, easy return

This is one of my favorites. It looks great, is easy to throw, and has an easy return. Highly recommended.