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Room A Rang Boomerang

Color Blue
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Description Designed as an Indoor Boomerang, a young child can throw this gossamer foam type material even indoors without hurting the furniture but you still need a fairly big room. Very light weight and safe, the Room a Rang are great for practice throws and catches. As with all boomerangs, adult supervision is still required. Remember, you are the target!

Customer Reviews

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clark, michael (Tuscaloosa, US)
Fun toy

I enjoy sitting on my couch and throwing this. It doesn't go too far, and lands on my lap

Douglas M (Silver Spring, US)
It works great

I've been throwing wooden boomerangs since the 80s and took a chance on this soft foam 'rang as a gift for my friend's 5 year old active child. It's perfect for indoors throwing, and a gentle toss at a slight angle will have it circling back to you. The foam construction keeps furniture from getting dinged. The only downside is that you can only throw it outside when there is no wind, but it's perfect for the rec room.

DAVE (Vestal, US)

Yes, this Foam Boomerang will be fun indoor&outdoor Sport throwing. I found the ROOM-A-RANG to be for the Right Handed. The soft throw is the best way to go. Thank You..

Virginia A.
My grandson absolutely loved this.

My grandson absolutely loved this. He slept with it the night I gave it to him. Fun toy, great service, received promptly!