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Boomerangs are a sport with world championships held every 2 years. You don't have to be a great athlete to compete but it sure helps! Technique, practice and knowledge are far more important than athleticism. helps sponsor some athletes and we are working towards boomerangs becoming an olympic sport someday. There are 6 major events and many boomerang games you can play.

ACCURACY involves throwing a boomerang and landing it within a small circle. This is one of the few events that do not involve a catch. You want an accurate throw and not a lot of roll with the landing!

FAST CATCH involves throwing and catching a boomerang 5 times at distances of least 15 meters as fast as possible. Fast catch boomerangs are designed to go just barely beyond the 15 meter distance because the further they travel the longer the flight. The goal is 5 throws and catches in under 15 seconds for top throwers.

AUSSIE ROUND ( our favorite event ) involves throwing and catching a boomerang as precisely as possible for at least a 40 meter distance. The longer the distance the more points you obtain up to beyond a 60 meters throw. 

TRICK CATCH involves a range of special throws and catches, for example behind the back, between the legs ...etc. FAST CATCH ENDURANCE is how many times you can throw and catch a boomerang within 5 minutes time. MAXIMUM TIME ALOFT uses special boomerangs that can "fly" for as long as 14 minutes. The goal is to keep it within a confined area and keep it in the air with a catch for as long as possible.

If you are new to the sport of boomerangs we hope you find it to be a blast! Similar to a good golf swing, boomerangs require patience and practice to develop the required skill. Some boomerangs are easier to throw than others. For quick positive results, start with the easier-to-throw models, such as the Aussie Fever, Skyblader, Seagull, or Blue Angel. For small children consider a foam indoor boomerang or a Comet, Sharkrang or Meteor boomerang.

Sport and Recreation with Boomerangs

Today there are more than 12 countries with national boomerang teams, including the US. People are finding boomerangs to be not only a competitive sport, but also a great addition to mountain biking and backpacking, camping trips, kite flying, and just about any other outdoor activity. Boomerangs are a competitive sport with World Championship events every 2 years and a great hobby to just get some outdoor fun!

Colorado Boomerangs

Colorado Boomerangs is our brand of USA Made Boomerangs. Manufacturing some of the highest quality boomerangs in the world since 1987. All our boomerangs come ready to rip some air right out of the box!

Lefty Rangs and Instructions

Instructions are written for right-handed throwers. Lefties will need to interpret them for left-handed throwing. For example, while righties throw Counterclockwise, lefties throw clockwise. Lefties must use “left-handed” boomerangs. All lefty boomerangs will have “Left-Handed” written on the back. Not all models are available left-handed.

Boomerang safety 101

Preparation: Fully read and understand the safety directions which come with your boomerang and on this website. Practice your stance and arm movements prior to your first throw. Eyewear: Always wear eye protection when throwing. Just as basketball and racquetball players need protective eyewear, so do boomerang throwers.

Space: Allow at least 70 yards in every direction and more space than that is needed for long distance MTA and other competition boomerangs. Be aware of people, even if they appear out of your throwing area. Never throw at or towards any person. Empty athletic fields are usually ideal places to let your rangs rip some quality air!!

Wind: This is a wind game, and wind conditions have an enormous effect on the flight of a boomerang. An awareness of wind direction with each throw is essential if one expects to enjoy the sport of boomerangs. If the wind gets real gusty it is best to try another day as boomerangs are extremely difficult to control in high wind situations. You need very little wind to get a boomerang to return but throwing in too much wind can be dangerous.