An Important Note about MTA boomerangs ( Maximum Time Aloft )

To clear up any misconception about MTA boomerangs and MTA throwing please note that MTA boomerangs are not returning boomerangs. MTA boomerangs are designed to stay in the air for as long as possible. Generally throwing an MTA boomerang means throwing it as high in the air as you can with as much spin as you can generate....and then running sometimes up to 200 yards or more to catch it! Some MTA boomerangs have stayed in the air for longer than 14 minutes and others have been found miles away from where they were thrown. They are like little airplane wings which can ride wind currents for a long time. There are details about the actual competition boomerang event in terms of not leaving a certain area for a valid catch but overall the most important thing to note is that throwing these boomerangs involves a lot of running and extra safety considerations. It's exercise compared to throwing a conventional returning boomerang! See a video below of a good MTA throw. Anything above 30 seconds is pretty good!  An example MTA boomerang throw is below: