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How to Pick out a Kid's Boomerang

If you're choosing a boomerang for a young one, read below for some tips or check out our video!

  • Young children from 5-10 often do not have enough arm strength to be able to properly throw a boomerang and we recommend foam or rounded corner plastic boomerangs for kids of that age for additional safety.
  • Older kids ages 11-15 can throw heavier plastic boomerangs and light wooden ones. Since these fly further than the foam ones, you'll want to make sure to take them to a park or field to practice throwing.
  • In general, the more wings a boomerang has (3 or 4 wings is common), the shorter the radius of the flight, but also the more likely it will come back to you.
  • Every purchase comes with our training booklet, but a small child still will need some guidance to get a boomerang to work safely. As boomerangs make a big flight, adult supervision is needed, especially if there are multiple children present.
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I had aerodynamics

A descent boom for kids and beginners learning to tune your boom. Does a good 20 to 30 ft loop when tossed aggressively. Very sensitive to wind and tuning adjustments. I think I is pretty descent

Never ceases to please!

Of my varied rang collection, this is one of my favorites! A low flyer - it does a massive circle path while staying close to the ground throughout. Half the time, I wonder if it will make it back to me but it never disappoints!

As it gets closer to you, it magically rises into the air and falls down gently into your waiting arms! Does equally well with no breeze and light breeze. Can also handle stronger breeze well though the path becomes a bit more unpredictable

A must have in everyone's collection! 😍

A beauty!

If you are looking for a boom that can soar high into the sky, fly out 50-70+ yards out into the distance and still come back to you to catch, then this is definitely one in the books for you! Does wonderfully with and without wind although when gusty, it does get challenged a bit like any other rang

Very nice starter boomerang

We purchased 6 of these but only tested one today. We tested in 20k breeze (really...too much for foam) and it was still coming back. Their cool look will also attract our young throwers. Can't wait to see a bunch of these up in the air. Thanks!