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Throwing Paxolin Boomerangs

Paxolin Boomerangs should be purchased and thrown at your own risk. These boomerangs can go more than 200 yards under some conditions and are VERY difficult to control. They require ideal throwing conditions and Expert skill to use safely. They should always be thrown with utmost Caution in mind. The material used for Paxolin Boomerangs is thinner and heavier than plywood – the “normal” boomerang material- and therefore will fly further and spin faster than the normal plywood boomerang. These boomerangs can do serious damage to people or other objects if not thrown with caution and experience.

Paxolin Boomerangs should only be thrown in very mild to no wind and require a very large open area with no people present to throw in. A soccer or football field is no where near big enough for these boomerangs. Paxolin boomerangs are more fragile than their wooden counterparts and thus soft-ground is recommended to prevent damaging or breaking your paxolin boomerang.

Pre-Flight Equipment Check

Since paxolin is much more pliable than wood, you should always check your paxolin boomerang for any warping or other deformities before each throwing session. To do a simple check, place your boomerang on a flat, hard surface, decorated side facing up. The wings should either be flat against the surface or slightly pointing upwards. If either wing is pointed down, gently bend the wing up until it is flat. This make take a few attempts to get the boomerang to hold the modification. Be very gentle with your boomerang and do not try to apply too much pressure as it will break if not handled properly.

The Grip

The Pinch grip is typically the most recommended grip to use when throwing a paxolin boomerang. The boomerang is gently pinched between the thumb and index finger. Generally, the more spin you can get on the boomerang, the more stable the flight will be. In addition, more spin adds more hover to the end of the flight, making the boomerang easier and safer for catching.

The Throw

When throwing a paxolin boomerang, it is most important to ensure you have a proper amount of layover (angle at which the boomerang is held). Generally speaking for paxolin boomerangs you want to hold the boomerang somewhere between 25° and 60°. For long distance paxolin boomerangs such as the Challenger, Straight Shooter or Marathon, you want to be closer to a 60° angle. You should position your body and orientation somewhere between 50° and 75° to the right of the wind.(Left handed throwers would be between 50° and 75° to the Left of the wind.) In general when throwing long distance models you want to be closer to 50° out of the wind. Remember with any boomerang, your exact positioning and layover will be determined by your specific conditions.

Test Throw

Be sure that you do not throw too hard during your initial throws. Remember paxolin is relatively fragile and if thrown too hard with improper form it can strike the ground at high impact and break. Your first throw should be a light powered flick, similar to casting with a fishing rod. Keep throwing at this power level until you have properly adjusted to the correct amount of layover and positioning to the wind. You will be able to tell when your boomerang does not soar up into the air and lands relatively close to you. Only after you have made the necessary adjustments should you throw with more power and try to get more distance.

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Broke in half while using the first time

I’m sure this would have been a great boomerang if we had more time to throw it….. unfortunately it broke in half while throwing it the first time…. Gonna stick to the non wood ones moving forward as they seem to be more fore giving

Room A Rang Boomerang
clark, michael
Fun toy

I enjoy sitting on my couch and throwing this. It doesn't go too far, and lands on my lap


Nice, short range and accurate!

My Bees

As a bee keeper (small bees) it is only fitting that I have a bee boomerang (large bee).

Snoop Boomerangs
James Perkins
Patience tuning

Hello: this boomerang seems to favor anheadral tuning. Very satisfied with it’s flight! Thank You!

Great beginner boomerang

Nice looking boomerang, and after 15 minutes or so, my nine-year-old son can catch it fairly often. Lots of fun!

Awesome boomerang

Beautiful boomerang that flies great

Consistent Flyer

This is a great boomerang. A consistent flyer and returner in a variety of conditions. Good flight pattern.

Great Rang

This is a great rang with a surprising large flying pattern. I lost Mi e so time to get another. I have about thirty rangs and this is top five. It’s a big flyer.

This boomerang is therapeutic

I have lived a life of dramatic highs and lows (as perhaps we all have). In such circumstances it it occasionally necessary to leave your house and do something active. But you are alone (as we all are). Perhaps you grew up without a father and catch wasn't an option. You could feel sorry for yourself and live a life of self-pity, or become the father to yourself that you never had. Boomerangs are catch solitaire. This very model of a boomerang has gotten me through numerous internal challenges. They also make great gifts for those you meet who are struggling and need an activity that doesn't require alcohol. (Weed helps). My personal record is 5 catches in a row. Thank you Colorado boomerang company for doing the Lord's work (I'm an atheist. There is no God and we will all eventually die and be forgotten.)