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Eagle Wooden Boomerang

Handedness Right Handed
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The Eagle Boomerang has a nice round flight. Likes a hard throw and loves the also needs some layover. It's an easy and consistent return! Great USA colors and cool looking flight with those white tips standing out well in a clear sky. 40+ yard round flight. wind: light-medium. Please note that colors may vary. Height and Width: 13.5 x 9


Customer Reviews

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Awesome boomerang

Great Boomerang!

I've had this Boomerang for a while now and it's a fantastic Beginner-Moderate level rang. The book that comes with it is great, and it holds up sturdily even when I accidentally hit a tree or some pavement during throws!
I would suggest this boomerang primarily for beginners or experienced rangers who want a good every-day reliable rang. The colors are also fantastic to spot in grass, on the beach, or anywhere else you throw. Have fun!

Michael B.
Get back on the come back

Very satisfied with the boomerang I purchased from y'all. From the first throw it has been a delight to watch its flight and return everytime. I have already returned to and purchased 3 other models. Can't wait to throw them as well.