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Buzz Boomerang - Fast Catch Foam Boomerangs

Colorado Boomerangs

Buzz Boomerang - Fast Catch Foam Boomerangs

$8.95 USD $12.95 USD

The Buzz Boomerang is a very easy to throw boomerang for light to no winds only. Made from flexible foam they work best if you keep them straight and throw with a snap of the wrist. You do not have to throw them hard and if it's too windy try them another day. Available in alternative colors.  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robert Jackson
Buzz boomerang

Works great, lots of fun

ellsworth havens

I bought it for my 6 year old grandson. He loves it.

Its the best!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Extremely precise and fun

You can add coins under the wings for more range and wind resistance (38 grams with coins and tape, range +20m depending on angle of attack and dihedral) In addition I add strontium aluminate tape for late throwing.

They are extremely precise and fun I love them ! Ideal for warming up, more they cannot break nor hurt anything including themselves (mind other people anyway)

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820 reviews
Great Product

My boomerang shipment was delivered very fast and I was really happy with it.
Beautiful designs and if you follow the directions and practice, you'll find the boomerang coming back to you in no time.
For now the Pelican is my favorite, but every one I've tried is great.

Beautiful flyers

After tuning, performance was excellent! Thank You!

Dutch Hook Boomerang
Andrew Porter
The Greatest thing since slice bread,ton's of fun, I had a blast!

Everything was awesome with mine never had one till a month ago, my boomerang landed in a field, somebody was watching,it started raining bad,so I had to go in 5 days later still don't have it the person who took it was a youngman, till today he still hasn't returned it.

Very accurate, and fun!

After tuning they perform well! Brazil makes fine boomerangs! Thank You so much!

Works Great !

It came back, worked great at first try for 8 year old grandson. Read directions and saw video first.


The greatest easy flying boomerang and almost can do two circles

Grandson loves it

Bitchen boomerang!

Big big circle. Threw it today in 25mph gusty winds and still caught it many times. Hit the ground several times but 25mph and swirling winds!
Fast. Easy catch. Love this bitchen rang! Prolly gonna get another!

Wrong item

I ordered the Glow in the Dark Lightning, but received the Color Glow Lightning that turns purple. Highly disappointed to say the least.

Fly high mta

Both tuned well.Bought 2 others years back. These were excellent..But not like the Carbon MTA’s I’ve gotten from England ( Adam McCl.)