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Carbon Fiber Skyblader Boomerang RH

Pattern Right Handed
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A modern sports boomerang with a proven, state of the art, 4 blade design. Made from one of the best boomerang materials available...a mix of plastic and carbon fibre. This rang belongs in your bag. It will soon be your favorite! Extremely durable and a consistent returning boomerang. 


Customer Reviews

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Javier Ramirez (McFarland, US)
A little different too use.

Overall beautiful carbon fiber cross boomerang love the way it looks just a little smaller then expected, hard to get the hang of it then the other ones I purchased but with a little practice it comes back great!

Robert Kurtzweil (Eau Claire, US)
Nice steady flight

Verry cool boomerang.Super easy to catch..😁

Kevin Eggert
An incredible boomerang!

I have the LH version of this boomerang. This boomerang has a very fast and consistent flight path. It's a bit harder to catch as it has less hover and approaches quickly. The durability that comes with carbon fiber boomerangs is a huge plus as well. You won't break this boomerang.

Only con is that the black color scheme makes it a bit harder to find on the ground if you miss, but that's not a boomerang error; that's a user error if they don't watch where it lands.

Trenton E.
First boomerang!!

As a first boomerang and never having thrown one before, it takes a bit more oomph to throw this one or I might be doing it all wrong. Haha. Overall, I love it and throw that thing until I kill my arm. Lol. Gonna be getting more.