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Glow in the Dark "Lefty" Boomerangs


Glow in the Dark "Lefty" Boomerangs

$16.95 USD

Special Glow in the Dark boomerangs for Left Handed throwers! The Glow Lefty is molded plastic with consistent for kids above 10 and adult throwers like it a lot also. Put it under your car headlights for 30 seconds and you can throw it at night! New art design a Ying Yang Taoist would love! 30 yard flight with a nice hover.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James Burkey

The greatest easy flying boomerang and almost can do two circles

It glows well!

This was bought as a gift for a left handed friend. It glows well, but it needed slight tweaking to get a great flight. Nothing major, and the instructions on how to do it are included. It flies well with little to no wind. IMO its maybe not the best first boomerang, but a good one to have in your collection.

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835 reviews
great indoor flyer...

A great for indoor fast catch in a moderate room or gymnasium; a circular level flight.

Room A Rang Boomerang
clark, michael
Fun toy

I enjoy sitting on my couch and throwing this. It doesn't go too far, and lands on my lap


Nice, short range and accurate!

My Bees

As a bee keeper (small bees) it is only fitting that I have a bee boomerang (large bee).

Snoop Boomerangs
James Perkins
Patience tuning

Hello: this boomerang seems to favor anheadral tuning. Very satisfied with it’s flight! Thank You!

Great beginner boomerang

Nice looking boomerang, and after 15 minutes or so, my nine-year-old son can catch it fairly often. Lots of fun!

Awesome boomerang

Beautiful boomerang that flies great

Consistent Flyer

This is a great boomerang. A consistent flyer and returner in a variety of conditions. Good flight pattern.

Great Rang

This is a great rang with a surprising large flying pattern. I lost Mi e so time to get another. I have about thirty rangs and this is top five. It’s a big flyer.

This boomerang is therapeutic

I have lived a life of dramatic highs and lows (as perhaps we all have). In such circumstances it it occasionally necessary to leave your house and do something active. But you are alone (as we all are). Perhaps you grew up without a father and catch wasn't an option. You could feel sorry for yourself and live a life of self-pity, or become the father to yourself that you never had. Boomerangs are catch solitaire. This very model of a boomerang has gotten me through numerous internal challenges. They also make great gifts for those you meet who are struggling and need an activity that doesn't require alcohol. (Weed helps). My personal record is 5 catches in a row. Thank you Colorado boomerang company for doing the Lord's work (I'm an atheist. There is no God and we will all eventually die and be forgotten.)