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Seagull Boomerang

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Of all our hobby boomerangs, the Seagull is one of our favorites. It has a clean, aesthetic paintjob. Hand crafted in the USA from airplane grade, 5 mil plywood, imported from Finland. This is a cool rang! It also has a very consistent return with enough distance to make it a great hobby throwing rang. 40 yard flight. Easy to catch. Check out the video!



Customer Reviews

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joel cerrud (Panama City, PA)
Incredible boomerang

It took me about two hours to catch it correctly. I'm still learning, but it's important to have a lot of clearance, this boomerang can actually fly much further than you could think.
It's very windy here this season, so I have to adjust the angle of inclination, but it will surely be much more fun to use when the wind here goes away. I would recommend it for adults as I found that you need to throw it with a little more force to get it to come back to where you are. It feels durable (I use it in a grassy area)

Kenneth Landry (Grand Junction, US)

This boomerang was beautiful. Very good quality and I love that instructions came with it to show how to throw. It was just $30 and as long as it doesnt break on the 1st throw, I think it was well worth it.

Cal (Detroit, US)
Incredible Design

I have been making and throwing boomerangs for years, and this design has incredible throwing consistency. This boomerang is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to throw. I have gotten returns off this rang while throwing from a chair. Jim Mayfield was an expert at designing rangs, and this is one of his best designs. I am still throwing one of his originals from 95’ when it was orange and red. If the rang is in stock, I would recommend buying, as it is frequently sold out most of the year.

10/10 still one of my favorites.

Mango (Herndon, US)
Exceeds Expectations

I was impressed with the Seagull boomerang. Smooth controlled flight. Never seen or used a boomerang that was SO easy to use. I hate to tip everyone off because I want more for my family. It is a well made quality product exceeded only by Colorado Boomerang Customer Service.

John N.
Works Great

this was the first boomerang I ordered. very versatile, and works great! got me into this sport and the seagull boomerang is still my favorite

Valadee O.
A lot of fun

I got this for my 13Yr old and he loves it. It takes practice to get it right but he had fun figuring it all out.

brian c.
Beautiful flight

I love everything about this boomerang. The weight, the look, the flight. It just looks great in the air and making a catch is easy. (Brian at the Brockville Boomerang Club)

Brian C.
Wonderful boomerang

Great flight pattern. Very predictable and a good feel in the hand. My son (Brockville Boomerang Club) purchased this for my birthday.
Excellent choice!

Michael H.
This boomerang has brought me

This boomerang has brought me back to the sport. A fun wide 30-40m circling path when thrown.