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Batik Black Colorful Boomerang

Colorado Boomerangs

Batik Boomerangs - Great Graphics and an Easy Throw!

$16.95 USD

The graphics of the Batik boomerang make it special but it's also very low cost for a real, returning boomerang. Designed for throwers above 8 years old, the "Batik" is a light plastic design with very intricate art patterns. You can sense the Asian art influence and you will also have fun with this easy to throw and catch boomerang. For Right handed throwers only at this time.

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798 reviews
Dope ‘rang.

Lost my first one just as I was getting the hang of the toss. Urban throwing life is tough due to space constraints but I make it happen. Cheers!

Top gun rangs

Every boomerang i get from you is top notch quality and truly helps sharpen my skills!👍

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Eric F Scheinost
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Fun little boomerang

Fun little boomerang when you're cooped up inside somewhere (with plenty of space) or have a day with no wind.