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Delicate Arch Boomerang

Handedness Right Handed
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The Delicate Arch Boomerang has a 50 yard elliptical flight path, often low to the ground. Give it a little layover with a throwing angle about 80 degrees to the right of the wind and watch it hack it's way through the wind for the next 10-15 seconds before returning. 2 weights, one in each tip, gives the boomerang an extra 5 yards flight radius. This is the rang which "hooked" may of us on the sport!


Customer Reviews

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nick s (Simpsonville, US)
5-stars, one of the best 50 yard+ hooks EVER - Among most graceful flight patterns, just AWESOME!!

The delicate arch is a fantastic boomerang - it requires some strength, and it is a beautiful returner. like any boomerang, you need to understand how it works in different wind. This one requires a little more layover than most colorado rangs (ie seagull, alpine, deuce) and has a wide open circular 50-55m flight, fairly low - it needs to be thrown more off-wind than most too - around 70-80 degrees, rather than 45-50. it is truly a graceful beautiful boomerang to fly!! one of my all time favorites, easily, out of hundreds of others. Its flight is truly a beautiful thing to behold -- A crowd pleaser for sure! *Colorado Please start making these in LEFTY again!!

Richard Lott (Fayetteville, US)
Awesome Boomerang!

This boomerang has great range, and can be thrown and caught from the same position. No chasing this one around! My favorite boomerang by far!

Robert Kurtzweil (Eau Claire, US)
Gona play with the tuning

Boomerang came with little or no dehederal.No worries I'll just tune it up.The elbow is cut a little goofy .One side is wider....I'll make it work.😁

Thala Huss (Maricopa, US)

Not pleased with the product. I wish to return the product for refund. Please advise how that might be accomplished. Thank you.

Darryl D.
Not what i expected

Flat in bottom half of return, ive had to aggressively bend tips to get it to think about making turn for home. First turn is good, distance good, but runs out of want to on stretch home. I dont do facebook

Delicate Arch boomerang

They are absolutely wonderful rangs, easy to throw and catch and get a full return.
Love the Arch style and the nice lumbering flight.
I bought both the Delicate Arch and the heavier SE version, they both have a nice range with a
small advantage for the heavier SE model thanks to extra lead weights.
The surface of them is a bit rough but love them anyway,
they are my absolute favorite wooden rangs.
Also very pleased with the fast delivery and package / Tanks