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Expert Boomerangs

The sport of boomerangs has many expert boomerang products. From boomerangs designed for Maximum Time Aloft ( MTA ), we have some boomerangs which can stay in the air for a minute or more ( the world record is over 14 minutes! ). There are Long Distance Boomerangs with the maximum distance record for a returning boomerang being 238 meters. Imagine throwing a boomerang the lengths of over 2 football fields and watching it return! Other competition boomerangs are Accuracy Boomerangs, Aussie Round Boomerangs, Trick Catch Boomerangs and Fast Catch Boomerangs!

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Zebra Carbon Fiber Boomerang RH

Easy to catch!

Easy to throw, easy to learn, & easy to CATCH! I catch this boomerang MORE than any of our other boomerang. I would even recommend it for beginners.

BirdRang Boomerang RH

Not pleased with the product. I wish to return the product for refund. Please advise how that might be accomplished. Thank you.

BirdRang Boomerang RH
Brockville Boomerang Club
Great starter boomerang.

We really like this starter boomerang. It's sturdier than you might think and easily tunable for a high or low flight. We think this will be a big hit on our prize table come tournament time.