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MTA Boomerangs - Maximum Time Aloft

Try and set the world record! Hint...it's over 14 minutes long! Don't expect these boomerangs to return to you as they are Maximum Time Aloft boomerangs! The idea is to get them to stay up in the air as long as possible so generally they get caught in a wind current and fly hundreds of yards away from you quite often. You need lots of extra space to throw these rangs. They have been found literally miles away after some throws.

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Kilimanjaro Boomerang
chris trevino

Definitely an attention getter. I had 4 police vehicles watching me and after 45 min, they asked if I could throw elsewhere because I was causing too much of a distraction to motorists.

Boomerang was shipped with the dinglearm at 20 degree positive dihedral almost impossible to corr...

I was wrong, it is impossible to correct

Rain Forest Boomerang - Right Handed Only

Awesome boomerang!

I love the range on this beauty

Awesome boomerang

I love the boomerang! Returns nicely