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Kilimanjaro Boomerang

Handedness Right Handed
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The huge lumbering flight of this boomerang will blow your mind! Nobody thinks it will make it back, but it always does. The Kilimanjaro boomerang gets tons of attention at the park... get a Kilimanjaro! Weighted tips for extra distance. The same boomerang as the video now with new art! Makes a special gift for someone at least 150 lbs in weight (This is a big boom!). It is clearly one of the best boomerangs in our stock. 50 yard elliptical flight. As with many large booms, it usually requires a 30-45 degree layover to get it to return properly ( aim it 30-45 degrees to the right of the wind direction for a RH thrower ). wind: light-medium. Please note that colors may vary. Height and width: 14.5 x 10.  



Customer Reviews

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Christopher Sheller (Lompoc, US)

I like a far throwing rang, and this delivers. Can be a little fickle in the wind but can be tuned pretty well. I like a more circular flight, but this can also be adjusted with tuning and layover, but it isn't a rang you're going to catch every time, but that's ok with me. I bought it for exercise because I am either sitting behind the computer monitor doing takeoffs or sitting behind the wheel going to do takeoffs, so a little walking to pick it up 5 or 6 times outta 10 ain't a bad thing. I'm not a pro or even approach that level, but 50percent catch rate for me is fine. I'd like to find one that goes even further than the50 to 60 yards I can get outta this, but I do like the Kilimanjaro quite well. Had the lazy hook before and LOVED it. Lighter and faster and a tad more consistent in catching. Easier to throw for long periods. Will be getting another lazy hook for sure. All in all, this is a good rang for strong arms and I got that. Just saying. BUY IT DAMMIT!

Jahan Javaheri (Richmond, GB)

one of the best boomers I have ever thrown, it has a beautiful flight and always comes back if thrown properly love it......

Patrick Carrier (Knoxville, US)
Challenging yet excellent

This boomerang requires an arm to throw it but it has some crazy distance. Highly recommend for someone with experience!

JJ (Brooklyn, US)
Big bomber boom with a learning curve

First day throwing the Kilimanjaro was initially frustrating, as I repeatedly dumped it into the ground. But after some trial & error; adjusting release angle (with extra layover of 30-45+ degrees), it flies far out (without wind) – almost straight out, while climbing, then returns on a narrow U-shaped path, which was unexpectedly cool! Eventually got a catch. In windy conditions, flight path differed (more elliptical), but getting a catchable return was rare, as it'd sail past me. With more practice, this 'K-boom' will be amazing. For now, a half-star deduction for the rough paint finish and learning curve (at least for me) – 4.5 stars. If you have a strong arm, good technique, and like challenging, long-distance flights, get this boom!

chris trevino (San Antonio, US)

Definitely an attention getter. I had 4 police vehicles watching me and after 45 min, they asked if I could throw elsewhere because I was causing too much of a distraction to motorists.

Ajay Nilaver (Milpitas, US)
Easily in my top 3 boomerangs!

For various reasons, I've purchased this particular boomerang multiple times (broken, lost, etc.). And every time, I have done it with super conviction that it is a worthwhile purchase. Pound for pound and $ for $, this is one of the most amazing booms I own - and it never ceases to thrill! Does equally well in no, low and high (within reason) wind situations. For really long trajectories, requires a fairly strong throw and it will reward you in return! :-)

A 'Must Have' for any serious ranger!


I bought this in 2017 as my first boomerang in 2017. I separated my right shoulder shortly after, and had to put learning off for a year.
But I have been practicing with it in 35° weather in the winter of 2018 and have it figured out now. If you really throw it hard, it flies amazingly far and returns nicely. It gets so addicting, that I sometimes I spend 3 to 4 hours practicing until I can throw it blindfolded.
Don't expect good results at first, you have to invest the time, but once you understand it, it is truly amazing, and attracts attention. Make sure you throw only in very large fields because it goes way, way, out, and is easy to hang up in a tree.

Wyatt C.
Extremely fun, but take caution!

Once you’ve gotten it down, this boomerang is addicting to throw and it’s very consistent. But please only throw it in large enough flat-grass area where the boomerang can make a complete flight without hitting trees, light poles, people, or anything that risks the loss/destruction of your boomerang ; or risks harming you or someone else. Be smart and have fun out there everyone!

Michael I.
This Kilimanjaro is my new favorite

This one is great!! Easier to trow than some of my others. I have 20 wooden and 10 assorted other plastic and foam. This one works great with and without wind with slight adjustments to your throw. It Goes out far arc's, comes back and hovers over me. Even if you throw so it comes in low to your body it flairs out at the end of the flight which makes it easy to catch.