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Outdoor Firefly Boomerangs - Fun Boomerangs for Kids


Outdoor Firefly Boomerangs - Fun Boomerangs for Kids

$7.95 USD

The Firefly boomerang is designed for kids 6 - 15 years old to use. This is the outdoor version but as a foam product it could be used indoors if you have a big enough area. The flight range is about 3 - 5 meters. Small kids often do not have enough arm strength for a large, heavy boomerang so an optimized, soft foam boomerang can be a great choice for kids.

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Michael Wilkerson

Hehasnt been able to use them yet. Next weekend we will see

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Easily in my top 3 boomerangs!

For various reasons, I've purchased this particular boomerang multiple times (broken, lost, etc.). And every time, I have done it with super conviction that it is a worthwhile purchase. Pound for pound and $ for $, this is one of the most amazing booms I own - and it never ceases to thrill! Does equally well in no, low and high (within reason) wind situations. For really long trajectories, requires a fairly strong throw and it will reward you in return! :-)

A 'Must Have' for any serious ranger!

Dope ‘rang.

Lost my first one just as I was getting the hang of the toss. Urban throwing life is tough due to space constraints but I make it happen. Cheers!

Top gun rangs

Every boomerang i get from you is top notch quality and truly helps sharpen my skills!👍

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