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Fling Ring Boomerangs RH

Color Glow in the Dark
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Fling Ring Boomerangs are molded from ABS plastic with a terrific, fun new design. One of our easiest returning boomerangs with a novel approach to the catch. We love the look of it as it spins and it's aerodynamic balance is one of it's greatest strengths. If you think about it, being geometrically balanced should help produce a consistent, controllable flight path. This boomerang also has a great undercut for even more returnability, incorporating some great design features into a very fun boomerang to throw.


Customer Reviews

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Robert Jackson
Glow fling ring

The glow in the dark fling ring glows 10 times brighter and glows longer than any other rang I've seen. Lots of fun to throw on a dark moonless night

David G.
Very easy

Easy to trow, easy to catch! Great for beginner!