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How to Choose a Great Boomerang for Kids!

There are lots of different types of boomerangs for kids, from soft foam boomerangs for small children, to small, plastic boomerangs which are easy to return. For older kids there are some more advanced models which also return well without needing a lot of arm strength. Well here are some great tips to help you choose!

1) Probably the first step is to decide who it’s for. Is it for a small child or a teenager? How strong is their throwing arm? Are they right handed or left handed?

If it’s for a child 5-10 years old you will probably want to get a light boomerang made from a soft plastic or foam. You want it to be safe and easy to throw. A good boomerang for that age would be generally smaller, lighter and softer than other options. Some options for very small children include this foam boomerang called the “funfly” which is even great for indoor use

2) A good outdoor use boomerang for small children often will use more than 2 wings to make it easier to get a full return. The more wings, the easier it is to return.

3) There are some plastic models which also are very nice for small children, as long as they are real boomerangs and not just boomerang shaped.

4) For children from 10 to 18 you may want to choose a more advanced model like these. The Blue Angel is hand crafted in Australia and just the right size for kids 10-13. The Bumblebee is another great choice with the 4 airfoils making it extremely easy to return. One of my personal favorites is the Pink Flamingo, which works great and is a lot of fun. The Ranier is an easy to throw boomerang for kids 15-17 or so. These are all easy returning boomerangs.

5) What else should you look for? Well check out the airfoils of the wings. If they look like airplane wings you are probably moving in the right direction. There are lots of “souvenir” boomerangs with great looking art shaped in a V but are they a real boomerang or a stick? You need to look at the airfoils on the wings. Real boomerang wings are like airplane wings. Look closely at what constitutes a good airfoil.

6) A big part of throwing boomerangs is learning how to. It really helps to have a both good video instructions and a good, illustrated how to booklet.

7) See you around!


Stay tuned for updated news on current boomerang sport information, such as an update on the recent US Nationals and European Championships as well as the upcoming World Championships in Kiel Germany!

World Boomerang Championships 2016 @ Kiel, Germany Jul 20 – Jul 30 all-day


Wed-Thu 20-21 Jul – Arrival, Registration, Circles, Captains Meeting

Fri 22 Jul – Team Day 1

Sat 23 Jul – Team Day 2

Sun 24 Jul – Rain Day/Make-up Day for lost events Days 1 and 2

Mon 25 Jul – Team Day 3

Tue 26 Jul – Team Day 4/Make-up Day for lost events in Days 1-3

Wed 27 Jul – Excursion Day, Team Awards

Thu 28 Jul – Long Distance Day, IFBA Meeting

Fri 29 Jul – Individual Day 1

Sat 30 Jul – Individual Day 2

Sun 31 Jul – Make-up Day for lost events in Individuals Day 1 and 2 Public Day, GEL, Top 8 Cup, Individual Awards

Mon 1 Aug – Departure

See the World Championships website for latest information and registration details: https://www.kiel16.com/


A Hummingbird Product Review:

A great product review and How to Throw Boomerangs tutorial was posted on youtube for our Hummingbird Jarrah Boomerang by an independent source called “ReviewOutdoorGear”. The boomerang was obviously nicked up with a lot of use but overall was reviewed well with some insight. Check it out here: 



2016 Australian Boomerang Championships:

Announcement: Australian Nationals Boomerang Competition 2016 @ Southern River
Apr 9 – Apr 11 all-day

The Australian Championships are back in Perth and will be staged at Southern River. We would like to invite you all to please attend Australia’s premier boomerang throwing event.

David Richardson, current 2015 Australian Champion, will be coming over to defend his title and Grant Perry will be aiming to make 3 Australian Championships after missing last year’s event.

Previous Australian Champions Rob Croll and Roger Perry will be doing their best to challenge the young guns. Other Eastern States and South Australian throwers will hopefully also make the trip over to the West Coast. It would be good to see all the WA and Perth throwers attend, even if only for the Individual competition to be held on the Sunday.

Date: Saturday 9th April

Time: 12.30 pm Hunting Stick and Fun team events.

At 3.30pm BAA Annual General Meeting.

Date: Sunday 10th April Australian Boomerang Championships

Time: Registration 8.30am Competition starts 9am

Please BYO lunch and drinks for both days. There will be a Sausage sizzle and drinks at the end of the Australian Competitions on Sunday, the cost is $10 for the registration and sausage sizzle.

Please contact Roger on 93991129 or rangs@iinet.net.au if you will be making the Australian Championships on Sunday 10th April, so we have an idea of catering. See you all there.

Roger Perry

BAA President


Our Vimeo Channel of Boomerang Videos!



Boomerangs in Outer Space!

Do boomerangs work in outer space, in a weightless environment? You bet they do! Check out the data here:

Nasa Boomerang Test

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Broke in half while using the first time

I’m sure this would have been a great boomerang if we had more time to throw it….. unfortunately it broke in half while throwing it the first time…. Gonna stick to the non wood ones moving forward as they seem to be more fore giving

Room A Rang Boomerang
clark, michael
Fun toy

I enjoy sitting on my couch and throwing this. It doesn't go too far, and lands on my lap


Nice, short range and accurate!

My Bees

As a bee keeper (small bees) it is only fitting that I have a bee boomerang (large bee).

Snoop Boomerangs
James Perkins
Patience tuning

Hello: this boomerang seems to favor anheadral tuning. Very satisfied with it’s flight! Thank You!

Great beginner boomerang

Nice looking boomerang, and after 15 minutes or so, my nine-year-old son can catch it fairly often. Lots of fun!

Awesome boomerang

Beautiful boomerang that flies great

Consistent Flyer

This is a great boomerang. A consistent flyer and returner in a variety of conditions. Good flight pattern.

Great Rang

This is a great rang with a surprising large flying pattern. I lost Mi e so time to get another. I have about thirty rangs and this is top five. It’s a big flyer.

This boomerang is therapeutic

I have lived a life of dramatic highs and lows (as perhaps we all have). In such circumstances it it occasionally necessary to leave your house and do something active. But you are alone (as we all are). Perhaps you grew up without a father and catch wasn't an option. You could feel sorry for yourself and live a life of self-pity, or become the father to yourself that you never had. Boomerangs are catch solitaire. This very model of a boomerang has gotten me through numerous internal challenges. They also make great gifts for those you meet who are struggling and need an activity that doesn't require alcohol. (Weed helps). My personal record is 5 catches in a row. Thank you Colorado boomerang company for doing the Lord's work (I'm an atheist. There is no God and we will all eventually die and be forgotten.)